Skip Mahoney and The Casuals

Skip Mahoney And The Casuals - Skip Mahoney - Lead, 1st Tenor; George Norris - Bass/Baritone, Roger Chapman - Tenor/Lead, Morris "Spunky" Cobb - Baritone/Tenor, Lead

In the beginningThe Casuals were born accidently one spring evening in 1965. Ejected from a house party in Northwest, DC, Skip and his fellow over imbibers sought solace under the proverbial street lamp. A passing car, blasting Billy Stewart's "I Do Love You" prompted then 15-year old Mahoney to pipe the tune a cappella. Stunned by their hood mate's s sudden burst of raw talent, the fellas (George Norris, James Morse, Franklin Radcliff and Morris Moore ) quickly chimed backing vocals. The birth was quick and painless. Several sessions later, swelling with confidence, the group adopted the The Casuals as their moniker. The original Casuals included George Norris (from the original a cappella group on the street corner), Roger Chapman and Billy Jones (Skip's cousin). Players stepped forward offering to audition for membership in the backing band. The dream was taking shape. What followed was many years of toil, triumph, sweat and tears. Casuals keyboardist, James Purdie began constructing chords to match lyrics written by Skip. But it was group roadie, Sonny Jones who unwittingly provided fodder for the first record by Skip Mahoney and the Casuals (the name was changed because of another group by the name The Casuals). Jones complained of a girlfriend and her "funny moods."  In 1973, finally recording for D.C. International Records, a local indie in search of the Next Big Thing, "Your Funny Moods" b/w "I Need Your Love" was released. Local radio programmers familiar with the group, provided air play for both sides of the 45. It was the B-side "I Need Your Love" which lit up the radio request lines and gave the group a Washington/Baltimore hit. An album, also titled Your Funny Moods, sold over 100,000 copies in its hometown but did not find a substantial national audience.

Land of Love is a trademark LP for connoisseurs of falsetto based sweet soul music of the mid-'70's. It stands the test of time and represents the best the period offered. Dazzling vocals, unexpected hooks and a solid false tenor propelled the drop-dead gorgeous "Bless My Soul" into the R&B Top 40 for 15 weeks in September '76. "Wherever You Go" has its own tale to tell. The song would become a Boston/Cambridge classic of a 10 year period as DJ Arthur Kempton played it weekly as a sign off song for his Sunday radio show. 


The group in their red uniformsSkip Mahoney and The Casuals disbanded in 1979, but came back together again in 1987 with all the original members performing in local clubs and events and are still singing to nostalgic and new audiences with rave reviews.

 In 1995, Skip Mahoney and the Casuals released a Greatest Hits Cassette Tape and then selected hits from the Your Funny Moods and Land of Love albums were combined into a CD and in 1977 was released as "Skip Mahoney and The Casuals Then and Now". The CD was re-tracked and was re-released June, 1999 as "Then, Now and Forever. The CD is available for purchase on the Store page.

The years 1999 and 2000 bought additional changes to the group. After almost 30 years in the business, Billy Jones decided to end his public career to concentrate on family. That move left a small void in the group which was soon filled with David Akers just in time for the groups 30 year Anniversary celebration and show. David's voice and singing style that gave the group a renewed vigor with a familiar sound. In July, 2000 Skip added a female voice to their and show. Barbara Malone brought the group a different melodic sound and was accepted by all who heard her. David and Barbara both sing with Skip in the Mustangs Band and Show for wedding receptions and fundraisers, etc.  In 2004 Morris “Spunky” Cobb joined the group and is still singing first tenor and lead to this day. 

Over the course of their more than 40 year of performing, Skip Mahoney and The Casuals have shared the stage with such legendary acts as the Temptations, The Four Tops, The Manhattans, The O’Jays, Stevie Wonder and a virtual who’s who of nationally acclaimed acts.  In their travels, they have performed at The Apollo Theater, The Beacon Theater, The Howard Theater, The Kennedy Center, Constitution Hall and many other famed venues. Recently they have performed in Germany 2 years straight with requests for return concerts.  Based on CD sales on CD Baby, the group's popularity is world wide. In 2015 the group recorded a new CD "Good Old Days" with new music written by Skip and produced by Ira Watson and a few remakes of the group's favorite artists.

 In 2017 the group was inducted into the Rhythm and Blues Hall of Fame where they are now part of approximately 150 R & B artists inducted since the organizations inception in 2013.  The building of a museum is in the planning stages right now.  When completed, there will be memorabilia from the group on display.CD, please visit the website at